Engine & Transmission

Factory pro 2 & 4 Wheel Dyno Tuning Center

Performance Engine Building

Performance engine building is a vague term often used by those with little to no real world experience.
Mach Modified has been the chosen engine builder for AMA Pro race teams coast to coast as well as some of the fastest NHRA drag bikes on the strip.
Creating horsepower can run a full gamut from mild street to track winning numbers. Our relationship with top manufactures and our in house capabilities are hard matched by any other facility. From vintage to modern, billet or cast Mach Modified returns only the best to its customers.

Undercut Transmission

Undercutting is one of the most highly regarded modifications for performance motorcycles. Many manufacturers do not undercut their transmissions at the factory. Undercutting involves the modification of the drive dogs and slotting to precise angles. Creating an interlock of the gears under acceleration,virtually eliminates the occurrence of an involuntary gear jump.
Most drive dogs from the factory posses a 0 degree back cut, producing rounded gear corners under normal wear, in turn creating involuntary disengagement. Mach Modified under-cutting service can precision cut your transmission to perform at its most accurate and true level of performance.

Port and Polish

Cylinder head porting refers to the process of modifying the intake and exhaust ports to improve the quality and quantity of air flow. Cylinder heads, as manufactured, are usually suboptimal due to design and manufacturing constraints. Porting the heads provides the finely detailed attention required to bring the engine to it's highest level of efficiency. More than any other single factor, the porting process is responsible for the high power output of modern engines.
This process can be applied to any racing engine to optimize its power output as well as a production engines, to enhance its power for daily, as well as to alter its power output to suit a particular application.
To most people, air gives the impression of weightlessness as a nearly non-existent mass as we move through it slowly. However, an engine running at high speed experiences a totally different substance. In that context, air can be thought of as thick, sticky, elastic, gooey and heavy. Pumping that heavy air is a major issue for engines running at speed The process of head porting helps to alleviate these characteristics.

Engine Re-Building

Top to bottom, performance or stock, Mach Modified can refresh or repair your 2 wheeled power plant.
With over 30 years of engine building in both Metric, and American motorcycles, nothing gets overlooked. We take pride in returning our customers machines with peace of mind in our quality rebuilding services.