The Only Factory Pro / Mustang 2 Wheel Dyno in NY

Our Mustang Dyno, utilizes the best software available for TRUE Dyno results. Factory pro software has been renowned for its ability to produce real numbers and real HP gains. While some tuning software and centers boast big numbers with inflated gains, ours are proven on and off the track.... Dont go looking for big numbers on the dyno only to not have them on the road.
Wether your passion is 2 wheels or 4, from Motorcycles to Quads, Karts, and Cars... Mach Modified tuning center is where you need to be. 

Factory Pro and Mustang’s MC/QUAD Dyno is a specially designed, high-speed, low-inertia motorcycle/QUAD/Kart combination dyno. The low inertia design and eddy current loading features are perfect for precision tuning and diagnostic applications. The base mechanical inertia of the EC997 MC/QUAD is perfectly matched for testing lightweight cycles and quads, while the powerful eddy current power absorption unit provides enough muscle to apply a serious load for steady state testing applications. Quickly and easily diagnose performance problems, break in engines, perform EFI mapping and much more.

Mustang has delivered thousands of performance dynamometer systems over the past 35 years and has perfected the art and science of dynamic vehicle loading and dynamometer control. While other dyno manufactures are still trying to catch up with this technology, Mustang continues to lead the industry and is recognized around the world as the industry’s best with regards to dynamic dynamometer controls.
The EC997 MC/QUAD Series is also available with a set of ultra low inertia 12.625” rollers to further reduce the base inertia to only 450 lbs in ATV Mode. Quickly and easily diagnose performance problems, break in engines, perform EFI mapping and much more.

Carburetor Tuning

The modern carburetor is an incredible fuel metering device. In understanding fuel injection may be the wave of the future... your carbureted motorcycle is every bit as good providing it is adequately tuned.  One pitfall of carburetors is its inability to determine how cold the intake air is or mechanical wear, thus providing variables and areas that need intermittent refining.
If you are currently running a machine with a stock carburetor, chances are you are not getting the true vehicles power, or creating unwarranted engine wear due to mis-proportioned jet sizes.
Our precise tooling and and Dynamiter resources can bring your engine and carburetor pairing to its optimum level of performance.

Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning

Most modern motorcycles have made the ascension into Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). However this does not indicate a machine with modification will not require further tuning.
The primary difference between carburetors and fuel injection is in the electronic fuel injections ability to atomize the fuel by forcibly pumping under pressure accurately.
Any modification to your exhaust or intake creates differences in your stock EFI settings. Mach Modified is well versed in EFI systems for both street and track applications, and can substantially change and gain horsepower levels through mapping and tuning your EFI system.

ECU Flash and Modification

Most if not all newer model motorcycles are equip with a Electronic Control Unit, which in essence is the brain of your machine. ECU dictates just about ever function of how your motorcycle performs and reacts. Stock ECU units are designed and setup for average daily rider use, without modification.
Mach Modified programming and flash service can custom tailor your ECU to a specific range of functionality based on user input and performance modifications.